My Projects

When I initially dove into design it was to address a problem I personally connected with. The more I learned, the better I understood the potential positive impact that a passionate designer can make in the world. In time I asked myself:

‘How can I use these skills to help others?’

Life moves quickly and can get complicated. Creative problem solving has become more essential than ever. My work incorporates sleek design with an engaging system to help everyday folk.

Please enjoy this showcase of my latest works.

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MODS E-Bikes

A concept customization tool for an electric biking company. People can quickly assemble the perfect Eco bike to meet their needs within their budget.

Prototype GIF
Bike 1
Bike 2
Bike 3
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Tennis LITE

A mobile app concept for tennis players seeking matches in their area. Players can easily find and connect with other skilled players looking to hit.

Players can also keep score in the app with the option to publicly post them, potentially boosting their ranking.

Tennis LITE
Phone Face

My thought process was very usability focused when designing this app. I wanted the navigation to feel simplistic and familiar in anybody’s hand.

The authenticity of the app was a focal point as well. Integrating an accurate ranking system refines search results and promotes players with similar ranks to match.

Phone Face
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Tell Me More

A conversation with a good friend led to the making of ‘Tell Me More.’ The concept design takes a unique approach to message boards and the algorithms behind them.

It’s quirky pixelated style and deep colorway soothes the eye in order to create a sense of comfort for the user.

Tennis LITE
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More Projects

Yeezy concept design

‘TGTHR’: A music focused social media app concept design (shown: Customized profiles)

Military Police Anniversary Calendar re-design

A portfolio design for an architecture student